UX tasks

My understanding of what we need to do (UX bit)

Information Architecture :

Something like a sitemap. The whole game’s content in the form of flow charts to show all possible content navigation

“Information architecture boils down to consciously organising the content and flow of a website, based on some principles that can be articulated, that have been derived through evidence gathering.”


Developing Personas:

-Rewrite and filter the points written in previous class on the charts.

-Create a visual (with photograph) with relevant points for the persona- relevant points that   will help build a scenario of use and relevant points that will help in creating the game.

“Basically to help developers establish empathy and understanding of the individuals using their product.”

Also: http://www.hceye.org/HCInsight-Nielsen.htm


Create a scenario story for each type of persona (Create a storyboard to illustrate this story maybe?)

(Same link as above) and: http://blog.usabilla.com/how-user-scenarios-help-to-improve-your-ux/

CAN WE DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS? http://vimeo.com/16414402

User Journey:

Possible navigation through the game according to the type of persona in the form of flow charts


Examples: http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=user%20journey

Concept evaluation research


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